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Free Personal Finance app specifically designed for those who are using Excel today for money tracking. All screens are spreadsheet-based. Moneyble features include: Income / Expense Tracking, Budgeting, Cash Forecasting, Bank Statement Import, Mortgages, Loans, Net Worth, Scheduled Transactions, Reimbursements, Transaction entry from a phone, Dashboards, Export to Excel, Investment Tracking, Automatic Rounding (optional).

Publisher Description

Window 8 CompatibleMoneyble is optimized for performance personal finance software. It is specifically designed for those who are using Excel today to track personal finances. All screens are spreadsheet-based and designed for quick data editing. Spend time not entering transactions but reviewing your financial data. Moneyble is free. Yes, it is absolutely free. No adware, no trial versions, just fully functional application. Donations are welcome. Bank statement import and scheduled auto-generated transactions eliminate manual entry as much as possible. Phone/Tablet client allows entering transactions right when it occurred on the go. Setting and monitoring your personal budget is not only transparent but also fun due to all kinds of comparison formulas built in in the application. You can see how your income grows or how your spending habits change month over month. Remember: Budgeting helps you focus on important things. You improve where you track. Moneyble local database is password-protected and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. This is convenient for those who install it on corporate laptops and don't want network sysadmins see their finances. Moneyble features: - Income / Expense tracking, - Budgeting, - Cash Forecasting, - Bank Statement Import, - Loan/Mortgage what-if payment analysis - Scheduled Transactions, - Payment due date reminders, - Reimbursements, - On-the-go Transaction Entry from a Phone - Interactive Dashboards, - Comparison Formulas, - Export to Excel, - Investment Project Tracking, - Automatic Amount Rounding to whole number, nearest 5 or 10 (optional). Easy - Fewer clicks, faster results. Functional - All personal finance needs in one app. Configurable - You choose what to track. Secure - Does not require your online banking passwords. Free.

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